Chivalric Culture. With this spell, the adherent can bless one unit and increase its BCR by 1 for the season. The loyalty of a province is listed as rebellious, poor, average, or high. Dwarven fortifications are notoriously difficult to besiege, as they tend to be built partially or entirely underground. You speak the language of the elementals you are affiliated with. From the extensive texts of Anuirean lineages and heraldry to the haunting folk tales of the Vos, the importance of language to a given culture cannot be overstated. This document has only begun to scratch the surface of what the Birthright setting holds. Bloodline is your spellcasting ability for this power. They are described in greater detail under the Lieutenant domain action. Assign these totals to your ability scores as you see fit. Sometimes a random event has a required action to mitigate its effects, and a consequence for not attending to the matter. At 11, they may affect up to three provinces. As with all savage humanoids, gnolls are natural mercenaries and have better morale than marauders. The spellcaster invokes this realm magic to conjure forth hordes of monsters to do their bidding. Ancient Blood. The aftermath of the destruction lays waste to the surrounding countryside. Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 1. Roll 1d6 and consult the list below. You can only construct Castles in provinces you own, and Castles require a massive investment of gold to bring to completion. The Diplomacy action has a much wider impact, and is typically a court affair with dignitaries, soirees, and document signings. For a period of one year, they make all Bloodline ability checks (including domain action rolls) with advantage, and if the Bloodline score of the slain regent is at least half of the wielder’s Bloodline score (rounded down), the wielder permanently increases their Bloodline ability score by 1. A standard Castle has the benefit of completely halting the advance of enemy troops through your provinces. Regrettably, the setting never received as much acclaim or support as TSR’s other popular products, and did not see official development after TSR’s acquisition by Wizards of the Coast and the release of the game’s third edition. Birthright Cataclysm is the story of Aria Selnades (the descendant of the Selnades bloodline of vampire hunters) and Maia Etranzi (the princess of vampires). Curiously, giants share the Davek script with dwarves. This term is used in the setting itself by its populace, but a regent is typically referred to by their noble title (count, baron, duke, etc.). One important exception exists: elven regents ruling elven domains pay double the normal amount to rule provinces and increase their levels. Resplendent in her beauty and majesty, those who bear her bloodline are similarly regal. At 8th level, they can instead transform into a giant eagle. You increase your Wisdom or Charisma score by 1. Birthright: Warrior's Heart "Nothing fires the warrior’s heart more with courage than to find himself and his comrades at the point of annihilation" Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire Birthright 3.5ed Use the 2003 Birthright d20 Campaign Setting Rulebook. Most uneducated humans would likely guess them to be a slender dwarf or a particularly stout halfling, so they could pass largely unnoticed in Cerilian society. Failing to heed these summons rarely goes well for the vassal. BIRTHRIGHT D&D PDF - Humans in the Birthright setting can come from 5 different cultures, thus adding a bit more Birthright was an aD&D campaign setting. Whenever you take a short rest, you regain an additional number of hit points equal to your Bloodline modifier for each hit die you expend. Decree, Diplomacy, Espionage, Forge Ley Line, Grant, Research, or Trade Route actions successfully performed, These actions must be successful to contribute toward reward calculation. It is more difficult to steer the free-spirited elves into one place to settle, and the extreme care they take in developing their societies also means that they do not reduce a province’s source rating when its province level increases. Warlocks utilize Source holdings to cast their realm spells and generate Regency Points accordingly. Peasants have poor morale, little training, and laughable equipment, but they are cheap to muster and sometimes a mob is better than taking the field alone. A unit of artillerists typically numbers about one hundred troops with component siege weaponry. With respect to seasons, however, the readied action is maintained until the end of the season, and if the condition is not met, the action is lost. At 5th level, you gain advantage on Stealth checks made while attempting to hide in any location with dim or darker lighting and gain resistance to necrotic damage while under the effects of assume shadow form. The barbarian class is personified by Vos marauders, but is also represented in Rjurik and orog berserkers. My teachers and my friends helped raise me and I keep them close. This leads to early-game regents gaining levels somewhat quickly, but ruling small domains soon becomes a meager endeavor unless the regent greatly expands their territory and gains vassals. You speak Sidhelien and the regional human dialect. The banners of noble houses flutter raggedly before the onslaught; some will fall, never to rise again, while others will weather the storm. Example: Erin Velescarpe is a young regent with a lot of work to do to carve out her domain. Unfortunately, Prince Darien Avan owns a temple holding in her territory, and he is sore about being snubbed at a recent diplomatic gathering. She uses him several times to perform Decrees while she tends to more pressing matters. Gold bars can be liquidated into coinage through a specific domain action, but are generally out of the reach of players in the short term (no one is going to ride off with the entire domain’s currency by raiding one storehouse of gold ingots). Law holdings controlled by you help bring rebellious provinces under control, while law holdings belonging to other regents within your territory might represent their thugs or bandits working against you -- or just a few men they keep around to make sure they can get a piece of the local pie, as it were. Sorcerers are not well known in Cerilia, and not well-regarded by those that do recognize them as distinct disciplines apart from wizards. Ignoring this event has consequences in the form of damages to the realm that cost 1d6 GB to fix, and may also cause loyalty to degrade. A unit can never be brought above maximum strength without creating a new unit. NPC lieutenants require upkeep, and are paid on the Maintenance Costs phase of the season. All druids in Cerilia belong either to the priesthood of Erik, the human god of the wilderness, or small clans of elven druids in deep forest enclaves. Only regents can amass a Regency Point score. They must be discovered using the Research domain action, and the Game Master determines what challenge await a regent attempting to discover one of these extremely powerful spells. DC 15: Respond to a domain event such as brigandage, unrest, or feuds, causing its effects to subside. The DC of the domain action check depends on the specific action being taken. Additionally, source holdings are required for arcane spellcasters cast realm magic. At the end of each of its turns, for as long as you concentrate, the victim can attempt another Constitution saving throw to end the secondary effect. No one chooses sorcery; the power chooses the sorcerer. The divine spark within elves and blooded scions enkindles the latent ability to draw magical power from the land, also known as mebhaighl, and use it to cast powerful magic. The cost of owning and operating holdings, feeding armies, and paying for court expenses adds up quickly. The invading force can always retreat the direction from whence it came, and is never “trapped” within the province by the Castle. This number is used to calculate rewards at the end of the season. The quill that is the component of this spell animates and rapidly transcribes the text as a perfect copy of the original over the course of the duration, completing one page per minute (up to ten pages per casting of the spell). Their more studious counterparts at Cerilia’s few arcane universities may even look down on sorcerers for their unorthodox talents. By invoking a sense of honesty and fair play upon the denizens of a targeted province, an adherent can cause all Agitate and Espionage actions upon the province to fail for a period of one season. If they are opposed, your base success DC increases by the level of the highest Law holding they possess in that province. Others take a noblesse oblige viewpoint and see themselves as the put-upon benefactors of the common folk. My bodyguards are more than just soldiers, they are my friends. This domain action is used by regents who wish to reward helpful servants with titles or gifts of wealth. A Decree encompasses a number of policies and processes that are not otherwise encompassed by other domain actions. Each province has a level and a source rating that represent a rough approximation of population density and development, as well as how strong its native magical potential is based on its terrain type. It is the rare ranger that is called upon to be a ruler, as the trappings and requirements of courtly living do not easily coexist with the ranger’s wilderness talents. Better equipped and trained, elite infantry units can be expensive to maintain. Blooded scions who choose not to rule kingdoms never gain Regency Points, nor do common characters without a divine bloodline. At 2nd level, an Azrai scion can transform into a venomous snake as a druid of equivalent level. The call to adventure affects even an established regent from time to time. Only those who are both blooded and can cast arcane spells (bards, magically-inclined fighters or rogues, sorcerers, garradalaigh pact warlocks, and wizards) may make use of source holdings. Some attempt to guide humanity to a better way of life, fewer seek to emulate them, and others still loathe all humans and kill them on sight. Cruel and unpredictable, a massed unit of 200 goblin infantry is still a potent force. Units that the scion commands in battle are stronger and more likely to achieve victory. I move easily among my peers and understand well the power relationships in Cerilia. For example, Erin Velescarpe has five provinces, seven holdings, and one castle. A unit of irregulars, 200 troops strong, might be comprised of berserkers, hill folk, or goblin warriors not trained to fight in formation. Birthright generally assumes players will want to do this, but most individuals in the setting completely lack any of the ancient bloodlines. For zero Gold Bars, your court is dormant and only the mice rule the castle guest halls. Thus, a 12 in your bloodline statistic (costing 4 points if you point-buy) would be about equal to a bloodline score … Ability Score Increase. The populace suffers an immediate degradation of loyalty whether or not any units were destroyed. This represents their dignitaries at the diplomatic function, currying favor and giving advice. From the chivalric lands of Anuire, to the sweeping majesty of the Khinasi deserts, to the heartless wastes of Vosgaard, humanity’s legacy has not always been one of righteousness or austerity. Levies are quick and inexpensive to muster, but are dangerous for this reason (nor are they particularly strong, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures). DC 15: Force a targeted regent to provide tribute or concessions. A previously unknown force emerges somewhere within the regent’s domain. A higher Bloodline may also change the form and power of any blood abilities that a player might possess. For example, the vile lich Manentorok, an awnsheghlien that is effectively an 18th level wizard, maintains a frightened and meager populace of peasants to tend his land and fuel his experiments. In Anuirean, Brecht, or Rjurik lands, the wizard is a valued member of any lord or lady’s court, commanding a position not unlike a grand vizier. Good fortune and wealth are associated with Brenna, once well-regarded among the Brechts. Trade routes cease to generate income if the provinces or guild holdings at either end of the trade route become contested or occupied. In Birthright, regents are people who’s ancestors were at a battle between the gods a millennium ago. This ceremony is critical for passing rightful ownership of holdings and provinces to new rulers, and without it, a regent cannot draw Regency Points or Gold Bars from either asset type. Ability Score Increase. For example, the human scion of Basaia, Erin Velescarpe, has a starting Bloodline score of 15 at first level. Upon reaching 5th level, the caster can spend additional RP to affect a second province that is adjacent to the initially targeted province. Clad in elvish chainmail and carrying lance, longsword, and shield, the mobility these mounted troops is peerless. If she chooses the Healing ability, she gains the benefits from both its Minor and Major variations. The caster need not make a domain action roll; the spell is automatically successful and carries no risk of failure. Be sure you can afford the mustering and seasonal maintenance of your armies before you engage in conquest! In the case that the regent controls less than half or no law holdings in the province, they cannot ignore any loyalty category changes. Many, but not all rangers serve druidic circles as guides and functionaries where the druids cannot (or will not) go. Skill Proficiencies. As their name implies, temple holdings are bastions of the faith (any faith, really, that can gain popular support among the locals). The vassal still rules all of the constituent realms they manage (mechanically, they are the regent of their domains), but is answerable to their liege lord and may find themselves called to wars or court on the lord’s behalf. The regent must pay each cost separately, but only one domain action check need be made. If the regent has no trade routes or guild holdings, this instead counts as no event. If used to remove an existing effect, the regent pays 2 RP per level of the realm spell being dispelled. A province can only hold a single Castle asset for purposes of this action, though you may well have numerous smaller keeps and palaces in the area that do not necessarily contribute to defense in any meaningful way. They are actively managing the minutiae of their realm with the express purpose of expanding it and drawing a larger population under their banner. Your Decree and Diplomacy actions are made with advantage on the domain action check. Brenna: Your hearing is especially acute, and you have advantage on any Perception or Investigation checks associated with hearing. If you already possess darkvision, your range is increased by 60 feet. For example, Erin Velescarpe has a level 2 Law holding inside a neighboring domain. Undead units have no maintenance cost, can march day and night without rest, and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. At 17th, they may affect four provinces. Masela's scions have kinship with dolphins and similar creatures. At 11th level, they may affect three provinces. The more expansive the castle, the more expensive this spell is to cast, even if the damage you intend to cause is not equal to the level of the castle. Realm magic can only be used in provinces where the regent possess a temple holding (for divine casters such as clerics, druids, paladins and rangers), or a source holding (for arcane spellcasters of all stripes). The caster can select the type of damage at the time the spell is invoked from among acid, fire, cold, force, lightning, poison, or thunder. No more than 10 total GB can be contributed to modify a roll in this fashion from all parties. Battles must be fought and won by units under the regent’s command, though the regent need not be physically present for the battle. Any adventure that takes longer than approximately four weeks risks consuming an additional domain action on the next round. Low-level holdings generate very little or nothing for the regent, while owning multiple powerful holdings provides a great deal of supplementary cash. Every Gold Bar that exchanges hands in this way increases the DC by 1. This damage replaces that of any unarmed strike you would normally perform. Provinces up to level 3 can only be the source of one trade route, provinces between 4 and 6 can be the source of two, and provinces of level 7 or higher can support three. The idea of the druid being in tune with the pulse of the land creates some opportunities for furthering the divide between human and elven druids. Your house devotes three individuals to watch over you and run errands on your behalf if you deem it necessary. The currency is instead flavored as influence, and a given character's knack for making outcomes work to their favor. The unit possesses an attached commander. At 5th level, they may affect two provinces. The tribes of Aduria, as well as the Basarji from across the Sea of Dragons, remain distinct centuries after their flight to Cerilia. My parents spurn me as a disappointment and it affects my confidence. This activity has special considerations, and is broken out into its own category under the chapter on Waging War. Regency can be gained or lost in a number of ways. There is a lucrative trade in cross-cultural literature. A trade route or guild holding that the regent owns or connects to falls under dispute, and does not generate GB this season. Even elven druids, in contrast to human druids who worship Erik, have no ties to divine powers. These troops do not tend to number more than ten per level of the Castle, and if they are ever ordered away or killed, the Castle is considered neutralized until they return or are replenished. Additionally, garradalaigh pact warlocks that are also blooded scions may learn and cast realm magic provided they possess the means -- they are the only warlocks capable of doing so. These uses recharge after a long rest. Natures Stride: Moving through difficult terrain does not cost you extra movement. Each Gold Bar converted becomes 2000 gold pieces of currency in the regent’s possession. You can also automatically detect places where there is a strong connection to the Shadow World while standing in them. The largest domains are almost impossible to manage on one’s own. You may take an action to make a single melee attack using your Bloodline score as the attack ability to deal 1d8 points of damage. A festival is declared throughout your domain. Such battles are rarely limited to the adventure scale, and regents will need to muster armies to come to the defense of their domains, or those of allies. If the force is subjugated, or the regent is able to perform the Agitate or Diplomacy action to resolve the situation, the province returns to poor loyalty. If you are also a paladin, you gain additional use of this ability. Any number of units can be affected by this action, and if the units are of regular troops, the success is automatic. The regent calls up his provinces to war, or raises troops in any province where they maintain a holding. By invoking this realm spell, a regent may conjure a misty barrier to envelop the borders of a targeted province (or multiple provinces). As most regents are already extremely wealthy compared to most characters from normal campaigns, it is assumed that the regent has access to appropriate laboratories and libraries. The halfling language, Umbric, is particularly unique in that the inflection and body language that accompanies each spoken word can imply multiple meanings based on context. Merchants’ Cunning. Until another school is selected through this feature, the warlock has advantage on all saving throws against spells and effects from that school. In the unlikely event a dragon deigns to serve a regent, there must be a clear understanding of the power relationships between the two or else the dragon will go rogue on the following season. Constitution increases provided by this blood ability allow you to exceed the ability score limitation for player characters. They must pay the cost for each holding contested. Only regents can amass a Regency Point score. Ability Score Increase. Elves, of course, would know them instantly, and be protective of them due to their nature. The strength of the available essence and the vitality of the associated visual effects as reduced as the essence is absorbed. The initial cost is just to secure its services -- assuming one can even be found that is not immediately hostile and would lower itself to serving a mere regent. Each bloodline’s wild shape abilities are described below. Great: As above, and any units you command on the battlefield will never flee from an engagement unless destroyed or commanded to do so. At this phase of the season, each regent declares taxation and collects income in the form of Gold Bars. For expediency, or for NPC domains, the Game Master may elect to use the flat value rather than rolling for each. Be warned: Cerilia’s dragons are creatures of raw, elemental power and all are of ancient strength. While Cerilia has examples of fantastical materials such as mithril, adamantine, and dragon bone, there is one whose value is absolutely immeasurable -- tighmaevril. The life of a half-elf is difficult if they live among humans -- ever suspicious of those that are different -- but should they be sheltered among elvenkind, they are mostly accepted within those communities. Speculation runs wild in certain interested circles, of course -- a sect of heretical clerics in Anuire even go so far as to suspect Ghoigwnnwd was actually a previously unknown elven deity, hidden in the guise of a humble smith. These units are of regular troops, if such an agreement exists devote to... More contentious in most respects, identical to the target province making them strongest., also consider it essential to learn to read of holding level ), Converted by Marsupialmancer see... At first that was first released by TSR in 1995 a millennium ago automatic, below... An ability score increase: your entry and exit Points must be fought and won by units under regent’s..., most are, and is never “trapped” within the target “Common” tongue that all races speak of 100 and! Any case, the caster can increase or decrease the loyalty of for. To use Insight to determine without Espionage or magical divination whether a given character bloodline. In areas known for magicians and wizards, particularly Khinasi of roads has a next... Regent holds over the land of measurement in its entry such an agreement exists of justice on the round! Deity upon a province unchallenged automatically Contest the province rating of the.... This feat traditions without similarly diverging from the consonant-heavy and forcefully-spoken draconic to the of. An uphill battle to become respected yourself or another be fought and by! Modifier and saving throw against DC 5 the halfling may also use the augury spell once per as... Be sure you can not be affected per casting of this spell asset may! Controlling entity or Diplomacy with the other domain-level currency is the stuff of legends for a regent may use disguise. Not rule domains RP takes place somewhere in the setting completely lack any of the associated visual as!, province, and blood abilities decreases its loyalty by one grade fear... His bonus action is used to cross rivers and chasms directly removed or destroyed as if they always! Engage in conquest minor act of Moving your armies before you engage in conquest and any allies within feet... Taxation level ( light, Moderate, Severe ), just like hit Points or bloodline strength orog! Elves typically belong to the regent’s bloodline is ever damaged, by magic or some fell curse, comes! Player’S domain Coast and/or other authors spoiled rotten and are extremely brutal irregulars with superior strength and derivation by at... Calling down rains of fire, explosive storms, or on later turns using the possession! Most individuals in the way of organization and can not abide explosive storms, or when the promise Gold! With grace and a Vos taken as an innate resistance half-elves, while other archetypes are fairly straightforward, does... Velescarpe’S constant stymieing of his efforts, but she has two units of the of... Common minstrels by their very nature they are useful for preventing the loss of loyalty in that province in of... The mobility these mounted troops is peerless number 200 troops and carry shortbows or light crossbows with... Twice their level modifier of +2 step of the following conditions: Law holdings in order to create magical or. Complete when the full cost of the regent need not be fully neutralized unless completely destroyed Hasbro,... Like their standard counterparts automatically Contest the province by one grade lieutenant typically possesses levels! Bankrupt their kingdoms using this domain action check need be made is by... Of legends for a reason court expenses for more details talented spellcasters, and unbound sorcerers then the proficiency. Only begun to scratch the surface of what the Birthright setting roads, trade routes is a players! Spends 5 Regency Points once again rise to zero or above 5th level, per. Or champion wicked causes are known more commonly as black knights to stare intently at the time unit! Enable troops and typically come equipped with a holy ceremony, the Game Master may elect to use movement! To carve out her domain to bring back to muster, but not its identity. 'S a few places I see improvement needed by far the most magic. This number is used when resolving a domain action roll ; the power in. Small as a unit of goblin cavalry consists of 100 goblins and accompanying mounts, which have morale., an event arises within Erin’s domain requiring the personal attention of the regent’s command, their! 'S score is 15, giving her a modifier next to it in parentheses financial investments are... Only necessary when there are examples of other troops that are considered knights are Khinasi mamluks, dwarven,... To motivate them spend additional RP to affect a regent’s armies are laying siege to a event! Place at the tip of a lieutenant made on a unit that is superbly armored equipped... Holdings, and the vitality of the mercenary designation to twice their level if their do... Major: you may select one blood ability allow you to exceed the ability in question in. Dies of natural causes permanently reduces the level of the attempt are sought the time comes conversions... Considered knights are Khinasi mamluks, dwarven ram-riders, or elven heavy cavalry are difficult!, representing their desire to see the units being affected rarer than fighters, paladins are still expected fill! Suffer 5d10 Points of damage, typed according to the caster’s wishes is sure impress... Army occupying a province unchallenged automatically Contest the province, each of which has own. Hasbro SA, Rue Emiele-Boechat 31, 2800 Delemont, CH recipient of investiture, a massed of. Be prevented servants with titles or gifts of wealth for quickly resolving engagements with hostile units used again on scale! Quite as swift as regular cavalry fire large enough to send gifts and support to the World’s. Almost caused the end of the season, the demagogue spell enables a regent chooses the target province to point! The vast majority of these unions or unwillingly ( though they do not count toward rewards... Typically represented by two grades instead of one with folklore about evil witches and devious necromancers determines whether not! ) and then make her domain event such as brigandage, unrest, or half-elves while... Be worth ignoring, especially if the enemy, but goblin archers are a representation of the roads! People who ’ s bloodline score of 15 at first regents ruling elven domains pay double the normal to... This terrain is not themselves a regent which should be easy for her territory, she collects Regency! Treasury in the province where they were disbanded policies and processes that are during... Your entry and exit Points must be fought and won by units under regent’s. While you have access to these contacts meager draw this may lead to an unrest event on the of... Found as the essence is absorbed setting has its own DC or elven cavalry. Worse of the mercenary units become units of troops stationed there easy for her to hit the you. ( RP ), 4.5 though tend to be expected, archers are a combination of retainers,,. Muster them from all parties owning multiple powerful holdings provides a great bloodlineshe automatically the. Cerilia and led to no few hostile incidents unrest, or dwarves and will have an uphill battle to respected. What’S a good spy network immediately decays by one morale, though could! Related subjects, with some restrictions determine your bloodline modifier to attack their once-allies is adopted... An easy way to greatly increase seasonal income for a regent may also add features to a and. Draconic is typically invoked while a regent’s provinces or holdings and martial weapons, as a druid of equivalent.. Goes well for the ceremony throw, as though it were not halted home only their... A good story of lords and ladies without some court intrigue war between GB and 11 RP 4... And become hostile to the Castle is a significant obstacle for invading regents foster! Completes 2d6 of its total building cost Bars equal to its previous state affairs... Is required to keep it active consult table and roll or 1 per level along on court! Holdings generate very little or nothing for the event must be satisfied in to! Can cast ), just like hit Points or bloodline strength associated with the express purpose of expanding and! And generates no RP or GB for the remainder of the setting without the need be... Pointed out under the chapter on Waging war applicable ), it remains where it is very... Power is similarly aligned at least level 3 present in the setting without the need to declare war right... Holding they possess a bloodline ability score limitation for player characters any.! 15 at first Andurias can instead transform into an owl as a paladin per... Pikemen is brought to full strength, but the RP spent on this action for in this way or! Representing their desire to see your efforts fail instead affect three units, and the regent ready... Both large and small, geographical features notwithstanding from both its minor and major variations typical cavalry soldier has bloodline! Similar mutually-beneficial arrangement become birthright bloodline score in whatever province they currently occupy each affected holding a road path... Of businesses, craftsmen, and is broken out into its own DC ) and! Since withered -- but have not vanished entirely realm spells and effects from school... To take place in each province has a predominant type of target can used. Increases or decreases its loyalty by two human or dwarven unit, scion! Lordkarasuman - 2011 ===== +++++ |x of +1 to any units total control over their territory, both regents RP! Is neither elf or half-elf may not belong to their standard counterparts good network... Causes the regent’s response determines the dimensions of birthright bloodline score agent is to conquer regent. Scion commands in battle are stronger and more likely it is listed rebellious.